Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk’s comic career was launched with a Dutch kind of Asterix named Gilles de Geus, a collaboration with Peter de Wit. Together they also created the less classic photo comic Mannetje & Mannetje and presented a comic drawing course on TV.

An artistic milestone in his career is the series Meccano, about a mediterranean kingdom ruled by greed, hedonism, idleness and hypocrisy. It started with Beauregard in 1992 and was closed with Meccano: De Ruwe Gids (‘Meccano: Container’) in 2007. In between, Kolk also created the album Retraite (1999, Oog&Blik) and the succesful gag series S1ngle.

Van Istanbul naar Bagdad (De Harmonie, 2010), is an adaptation of a series of reports by writer Arnon Grunberg for NRC.
Tot ziens, Justine Keller ('Goodbye, Justine Keller', De Harmonie, 2011) is a unique collaboration between the singer songwriter Spinvis and Hanco Kolk. 
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