Lamelos is a collective of four illustrators: Jeroen Funke, Sam Peeters, Boris Peeters and Aleks Deurlo. Together they make comics and illustrations, they are puppeteers and performers, and have already published more than seventy books stuffed with absurd adventures and merry characters. Popo & Bobo, for example, or Kaasheld & Poephoofd ('Cheesehero and Poohead', Silvester), a series about an odd bunch of proud Dutch anti-superheroes.

Sometimes they go solo too: Sam Peeters created In de schaduw van mijn lul ('In the Shadow of My Dick', (Oog&Blik, 2010), in which he mocks the comic medium. Jeroen Funke made Text Free (Catullus, 2010), about Victor and Vishnu, two imaginative animal friends.



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