Ckoe studied at the Man & Communication department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He is an animator, illustrator and comic artist. Above all, he calls himself an entertainer; he loves to make happy things to make people happy.

Happiness can take many shapes in Ckoe’s hands: illustrations, street interventions, animations, hand-painted tshirts, felt creatures and robot usbs. His creations often revolve around an unusual creature: a naive pink udder ('Uier'). Its happy adventures were published by Bries in four volumes to date (Uier, 2006-2012), as well as in comic magazines and on Ckoe’s website. Other characters are Koen & Pirate and Sad Dog. Ckoe also worked for clients such as MTV, Vara (the Dutch public broadcaster), Lowlands/Mojo, and several editorials and institutions.

Ckoe is not always playing behind closed doors. He draws live as a comic jockey, interacting with the sounds of a live concert or DJ session. His usual partners in crime are Pinipini and Floor de Goede. With his band Ckoe & the Bunny Bonanzas he blends animation with surf rock ’n roll.

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