mrcvndrhlst started creating Spekkie Big zines in 1994. The series was entirely reproduced by hand and sold to friends, until comic magazine Sjosji gave it a place on its pages. A compilation followed soon: Het Allerslechtste van Spekkie Big ('The Very Worst of Spekkie Big', Big Balloon, 1997).

Many mini zines followed in the next four years, along with the second compilation Lekker lachen met Spekkie Big ('Laughing with Spekkie Big', Scheppend Werk, 2001). After neight years of relative silence, a handful of minis were published by Bries. One year later, a new full 'album' appeared: Spekkie Big in een parallellepipedum universum & andere universa ('Spekkie Big in a parallelepipedum universe and other universes', Bries)

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