Philip Paquet

Philip Paquet is a man of many interests which inspire and complement each other. He is an illustrator, comic artist, painter and musician - not necessarily in that order. He likes to exchange ideas with fellow artists and authors, which often results in unusual creations.

Together with three comic artists, Paquet realised his first feat: the anthology 4Eyes. A love for his home town led to a multidisciplinary two-piece in collaboration with playwright Adriaan van Aken and musician Youri Van Uffelen: Over Naar Jou and Weer Over Naar Jou (2006-2009). A fascination for the more exotic Japan inspired the trilogy about Yume (2004- ).

Above all, however, Paquet is thedrawer of jazz, with three albums dedicated to its sound, culture and heroes: the biographical piece Louis Armstrong (2001) and the short story compilations Snapshots and Playin'/Smilin'/Fightin'/Cookin'. For the latter, Paquet again collaborated with three fellow authors: scenarists Gilliom, Vendaux and Daniel.

Throughout all this diversity, Philip stays true to a signature style: fluent and cinematic in powerful black and white, with an occasional streak of colour for added strength.

Coming up: Graphicology, a visual jazz score, based on Paquet's jazz stories, by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Check out the site of BJO for their tour dates.

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