Between 1995 and 2001, several of RayMan's humorous short stories appeared in international magazines such as Zone 5300, Beeldstorm, Stripburger, and Etc. Comics, as well as anthologies such as Sexburger and Wind.

Along with three collaborators (Paquet, Gilliom and Kapreles), he created three issues of the Antwerp-based comics series 4EYES, featuring his characters / strips Mr. Fox, NUL, and Apocalyptic Shopping, amongst others.

RayMan's enigmatic Onomatopeia was made into a mini-comic, and more Ono comics can be found in the  now defunct Dutch comics magazine Zozolala.

Since 2002 RayMan has been doing fewer comics and focusing more on illustration work, as well as tending to other aspects of life.

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