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Olivier Schrauwen calls himself a tinkerer. His creative career took off at the animation department of the KASK academy in Gent. Although he learned a lot, Schrauwen realised comic art might be more his cup of tea and enrolled in a graphic education at Sint-Lukas in Brussels.

Schrauwen started publishing short stories in magazines, interned at a comic magazine and created the animation The Mole Whisperer together with Stanley Duchateau. In september 2006, Bries published Schrauwen’s English debut album My Boy, a moving story about a macho father taking his thumb-sized son on an absurd trip through Flanders. The French translation Mon Fiston was nominated at the comic festival of Angoulême. Many other translations piled up together with the worldwide appraisal.

In the meantime, Schrauwen worked on a new collection of short stories which appeared piece by piece in international magazines like Mome, Canicola and Strapazin. They are now bundled under the title De man die zijn baard liet groeien (‘The man who grew his beard’). The French edition of this book was nominated for the best album 2010 by the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême.

Schrauwen is currently working on the trilogy Arsène Schrauwen, too be published this year by Bries (Flemish/Dutch edition), Fantagraphics (US edition) and Fulgencio Pimentél (Spanish edition).

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