Ephameron likes to capture the everyday moments and intimate feelings that make up a human life. Hands, birds and portraits tend to pop up in her brush strokes, taped line drawings and subtle colour palettes. No elaborate concepts, but sensitive pieces of art straight from the heart.

Ephameron graduated in Fine Arts and Illustrative Design. She divides her time between teaching, illustrating, curating and designing. Her clients range from cultural institutions over shops to magazines like De Standaard, Weekend Knack and Modart. In her free time, Ephameron likes to organize and contribute to worldwide exhibitions. In her hometown Antwerp she has been curating the yearly group expo Art Trek since 2005.

In 2006, Bries published Ephameron's first book, Love/Pain, which puzzles together snapshots, sketches and illustrations in an intimate visual diary. Its successor, Found + Lost, appeared in 2009. In Weg ('Gone', 2010), Ephameron joined forces with author Pieter van Oudheusden to explore a new and surprising path in visual storytelling.

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