Simon Spruyt

Simon Spruyt studied Germanic languages and graduated in comic art at Sint Lukas, Brussels, in 2005. He broke through with the royal parody De Bamburgers, a collaboration with writer Fritz van den Heuvel. De Nationale Feestdag (‘The Day of the Nation’, Silvester, 2006) was pronounced the best youth album of the year in the Netherlands and received the Cultural Prize for comics in Flanders. Part two is entitled Koning Leo (‘King Leo’, Silvester, 2007).

Bries published Spruyt’s first solo project, the diptych De Furox (Diaspora, 2007; Terra Nova, 2008) It is a fictitious story about a dragon set in the historical context of the arising nazi regime in 1933. In 2008, Spruyt’s story Productiecapaciteit (‘Production Capacity’) won the Focus Stripstrijd, a magazine contest for comic talents with a year-long publication contract as a result.

In 2009, the socialist party commissioned Simon Spruyt to create a story about its 125 years of existence. Over Rozen (‘A Bed of Roses’) was distributed for free on Labour Day. Spruyt's last move is a fresh full album about the iconic S.G.F. Spruyt comic studios known from the story Productiecapaciteit. SGF sheds a light on the man behind the behind the myth.


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