Serge Baeken

Serge Baeken is a tireless and multitalented graphic mercenary. He studied drawing, graphic art, sculpture, music, guitar, Latin and antique culture, art and printing. From classic techniques to computer programs: he gets the most out of every medium.

Baeken worked for diverse clients in the media, press and culture. He travelled to China as a graphic reporter. He contributed to and organized several exhibitions and taught others about the tricks of drawing in intensive workshops.

Baeken's first and most profound love will always be the graphic novel. Bries published his prizewinning debut The No Stories (2005) and the 24-hour-comic ZZZ (2007). Some of Baeken’s sketches and prints can be admired in the compilations Prefab (4444 Schetsen: Bird t/m Zoo), 50-50, Shuffle and Fast Forward (all published by Xtra).

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