Wind, the Bries Anthology

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The very first book published by Bries, Wind is an international anthology, featuring 31 artists from 13 countries. Considered by many to be one of the best anthologies published in 1999.

With contributions from Ulf K., Jan Solheim, Philip Paquet, RayMan, Gilliom, Pete Sickman-Garner, Scott Roberts, Tony Consiglio, Kapreles, Søren Mosdal, Mong, Kees Smits, Jean Bourguignon, Luc Cromheecke, Marcel Ruijters, Josué Menjivar, John Kerschbaum, Andy Konky Kru, Steffen Haas, Wesley, Kati Rapia, Jan Grouwstra, Dirk Braekevelt, Nicola Vitkovic, Claudio Parentela, Jakob Klemencic, Myriam Kalaï, Rijnder Dijkhuis, Willem Verburg, Dylan Williams and Ole Comoll Christensen.

Text in English.

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