No Stories, The

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The No Stories is the first album by Serge Baeken and won him the Debuutprijs (Award for the best debut) of the City of Turnhout in 2006.
The book evokes a few pieces of life of this natural drawer/storyteller. The word ‘no’ runs like a red thread through the stories. It’s a word the main character can hardly get over his lips. But ‘no’ can also be translated as ‘a lack of’: his counterparts are in lack of money, a soul, love, a mobile phone, feelings or vision.

Serge Baeken draws in the best black & white tradition – here and there referring to an early Tardi or Muñoz & Sampayo.
In The No Stories the author tackles the problems of a contemporary city, like poverty and intolerance, and shows how he deals with them. The result is a very personal, sensitive and warm album.

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