Hunker Bunker n°2 Blijven oefenen, schat!

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The family Hunker inhabits a pink bunker in a neat neighbourhood. Nothing extraordinary happens in their concrete cocoon. Outside everything is remarkably peaceful too. Almost boring. Funny, actually.
In Blijven oefenen, schat (‘Keep Practicing, Dear’, 2010), the girls have become two little characters with a unique look on their surroundings. The parents try their very best at helping them grow up, with trial and error and a great deal of joy.
Hunker Bunker is an atypical family gag in a wonderful style. Precious and unpretentious, this comic series was destined to conquer many hearts. It has done so in Belgium through popular magazine Libelle, and it’s waiting to do the same elsewhere!

In Dutch. Edition of 1000.

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