Meccano #4: Container part 2 Go-between

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Container is a sequel of six stories that closes off Hanco Kolk’s breathtaking Meccano saga. Container is about five people who find the perfect love and will do anything to keep it. In the course of the story, these five appear to be intertwined in a fatal embrace.

Go-Between narrates a phase of search and struggle. Céline cuts the umbilical cord. Miss Milo runs from her dominant husband. Michel Kolzewski desperately fishes for Ophelia's love, and Ophelia is absorbed in the quest for a perfect husband for her daughter. When Dimitri Poeshkin walks into her dating office, she knows he’s the one. She will do anything to convince him to marry Céline.

Note: The six parts of Container are now bundled in a Dutch, full-colour version under the title De Ruwe Gids, also available at Bries.

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