Going Up In Smoke

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The history of smoking (as told by Uncle Rob).

Smoking recently bumped off Grandma Bep, and youngster Nik is alarmed; will staunch smoker Uncle Rob face a similar fate?! Hell-bent on saving him, Nik barges into Rob’s home to cut him off, however his Uncle quickly informs him he’s been fed preposterous lies; smoking is a gift that keeps on giving! And he can know, he wrote a book about it… Going Up In Smoke is Uncle Rob’s life’s work, which he’s finally decided to share with the world.

Two years ago illustrator Nik Heemskerk wondered; why do we smoke? Two years on, after months of research and an illustration degree, Nik still hasn’t a clue… Nevertheless, he made a graphic novel about it; GOING UP IN SMOKE: Uncle Rob’s Historically Accurate Chronology Of Smoking.
In collaboration with writer Milo Cremer Eindhoven, Nik has collected the very best absurd facts in the history of smoking and paired them with equally strange illustrations. All the while, the whole is neatly strung together with a story of an Uncle trying to convince his nephew smoking is hot stuff. Yes, really...




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